City Council candidate weighs in on MUP’s

This is from Steven Cox who is running against Dan Ryan for City Council position #2

Multi-use paths are essential for encouraging people to use alternative modes of transportation. Removing unsanctioned camping & debris from the paths will benefit not only cyclists but also pedestrians. I find it appalling that the multi-use paths have been allowed to become unusable. People deserve to be safe while making use of them. Bicyclists deserve to bike more than 20 minutes before getting a flat tire on the path due to garbage. The paths are not meant for camping and must be cleared out. There is no excuse for the paths to be unusable and unsafe.


It’s very unlikely you will see Jonathan Maus/Bike Portland doing an interview with any candidates such as Cox or Mayfield or Gonzalez or Morzysky (corrected) regarding cycling and/or MUP’s in Portland. These candidates propose bringing back sanity to the Portland homelessness crisis but it goes against the far left orthodoxy of letting the homeless do whatever they want. I challenge him to do so in the runup to the election but won’t hold my breath. It’s seems Maus mostly just likes to plug for Hardesty. How about it Jonathan? Could we hear from some other viewpoints?

Ummm, Morzy? Did you mean Vadim Mozyrsky? Jonathan interviewed Vadim on Jonathan’s podcast. See

I haven’t listened to it yet so I don’t know what Jonathan asked or Vadim said.

Yes, Morzysky. Would be good if Maus would interview all candidates for Metro and City Council or at least ask them questions about our MUP’s and their downfall and what their plans are for restoring them.


What do you say Mr. Maus?

Maus is a shill for Joanne Hardesty, He already publicly disclosed his vote for her.