Chrome panniers

I’m currently testing out the new Urban Ex panniers from Chrome. Really like them so far. Anyone else have them? Thoughts?

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Ortleib is my gold standard for things that need to hang on my rack. I can’t tell from the ad if those top hooks secure themselves in a similar way to any of the Ortleib hooks, older or new. I’ve had more bags bounce off than I like to remember.

The hooks on these are one of my fave things. They are the locking kind that rotate around the rack bar with a nice “click” sound. And the bottom hook is beefy and adjustable too. A very solid fit. More to come in my review on the blog soon.

Do they release like the Ortleibs, just by lifting the carry strap? That by itself was Ortleib’s genius design.

Looks nice! I’m loyal to North St bags however

Yes, North St are definitely a good choice. Great local biz. These are a very different aesthetic though. (And Chrome is also local… Their corporate HQ and design shop is based in Portland).

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