Christmas Gift idea for cyclists in Portland,Scrooge proof post

Here’s a good Christmas/Hanukkah gift idea for your cyclist friends in law enforcement free Portland. Spoke reflectors! Only about $15, easy to install and they makes your bike really show up in the dark days of winter. I had an Amazon link up but some Scrooge reader of bike portland reported it so I removed it. Your local bike shop should have them….shop local if you can.

Can’t be too visible in a city where there is essentially no traffic enforcement. Happy Holidays. Stay safe!

Great topic. I’m just thinking about what to get my brother for Christmas. He’s a cyclist, and he also really likes to cook.

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If you look for reflective tape on Amazon you will find a great tape that I use. It is made by 3M and gives off a lime green colored glow. I have it on my fenders. It absorbs light and stays reflective for a long time. It is so good at glowing that often I have to cover my fenders so the glow does not disturb my sleep.

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