Chop shop sighting: SW 12th & SW Montgomery on 8/18/20

There is a vehicle that has been parked indefinitely at this corner around which a transient camp has formed with tents and shopping carts. Numerous people are seen coming and going at all hours. Several stripped out bicycle frames were seen among their junk on 8/18/2020


Still active. Last I went by, there was a Ferrari red bike, which I don’t remember seeing the on 8/18; but the same exact silver minivan with windows busted out is still present in the same exact spot it has been since FALL. Tent camp activity and night loitering has increased.

Based on prior observations attached are probable bike chop shop locations at this spot:


8/25/20 update: Chopshop activity confirmed in the shrubs in between I-405 and I-405 SB / SW 13th Ave on-ramp. Several dismantled wheels noticed. More is likely present where it is out of sight.

45.512472, -122.689665

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Still an ACTIVE bicycle chop shop and druggie area. Every time I go past here(a few times a month), there’s different parts. This time, there’s a bright white men’s frame, everything stripped off on SW Montgomery right across from the PSU parking structure. The frame was branded
FO _ _ _. I didn’t quite catch the rest of the name.