Chop shop sighting SE 26th Ave & SE Steele-Reedway 8/24/20

Confirmed presence of bicycles in pieces in transient camps on road side and disproportionately high quantity of bicycles for the number of people apparently present.

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Why aren’t your posts categorized as “bike theft”?

Not 100% of people “living” in these tents/RVs/huts are chopping bikes and not 100% of bikes being chopped can be shown with complete certainty that they’re stolen. Also categorizing by neighborhood makes it easier to filter by location.


Maybe a “chop shop” category can be added for some way to filter these?

good idea @amadeusb4. I’ll try to do some organizing. I understand that bike theft is a huge deal but I worry that the Forums are being dominated by the topic!


This could be a useful resource not available anywhere else. With proper filtering, people specifically interested in whereabouts of chop shops are, or those who don’t want to know about it can selectively filter what they want to see.

The Portland city government’s Office of Management & Finance maintains a map of campsite reports for public viewing at
Maps | The City of Portland, Oregon If you’re already aware of where massive chop shops are, you might notice that
some of them don’t show up on that map at all. This is because they’re not really visible and people only tend to report campsites
that bother them personally. So, massive chop shop activity like the one on N River St/N Randonlph may not have been reported regularly.

It could be beneficial to report sightings of large chop shops to BTTF first, then maybe report it to a week or two later so that people can be aware of where camp activities are. My reasoning is that I speculate One Point of Contact and people generally concerned with chop shop activities may have different objectives and reporting chop shops to “homeless services” oriented avenue may only serve to give chop shops a heads up.
The real limitation with their map is that they only show the date of report and a dot with no descriptions.

If I were looking for my own stolen bike I’d absolutely find these reports useful.