Chop shop sighting: NW Broadway between Hoyt & Glisan 8/27/20

East side of NW Broadway in between NW Hoyt & Glisan. Several stripped out frames, constant night time activity. It is along a vacant lot used as a sanctioned tent camp next to Transition Projects Day Center

Also, every Sunday at 5PM on NW Hoyt & NW 6th, this special interest group that was the subject of neighborhood objection in St. John’s hands out drug paraphernalia and syringes to drug addicts. Given the strong correlation between bike theft and drug addicts, I thought this maybe relevant. (“the bikes are sold to drug dealers in exchange for drugs.” Bike Theft Task Force | The City of Portland, Oregon )


Y’know, as much as I hate bike thieves, I still don’t want them acting as disease vectors for HIV, hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens. So I’m okay with needle exchange programs.


Let’s not stray off topic too much, because this is a bike community forum. At the same time, I need to clarify that the organization behind the NW 6th and NW Hoyt syringe give out is NOT an exchange. They just hand out a bundle of them along with paraphernalia. It’s not an exchange, because users don’t have to bring anything to get new ones. This means they fuel the supply of pathogenic druggie syringes we all find around our paths, sidewalks and parks.

That organization is the same one under criticism in St. John’s. You can read more about them if you wish.

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