Caution on the Columbia Slough Trail

Just wanted to warn folks and see if maybe someone on here has connections with city that could get this fixed. On the Columbia Slough trail where it goes under N Interstate someone has removed a manhole cover leaving a possible hazard. I’ve passed by here 3 times in the last week. One time there was an orange cone in front of it, one time there was a pallet over it and today there is a shopping cart on its side covering the hole. There is a camp there in this location and maybe they are covering the opening, but since I’ve observed 3 different situations it’s possible that there are times the hole is left without warnings. I’ve not stopped to evaluate the situation but it sure looks as if there should be a manhole cover here.

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There’s something similar going on in Old Town Chinatown. Unwanted persons removed a square cover to create a fire pit. PBOT just puts a cone or an A sign over the top, but unwanted persons keep removing them each time. Weeks later, no permanent fix. That’s PBOT for you. They might start to care about preventing recurrence only after someone has already died.


That sounds bad Bobcycle. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll forward it to Parks staff so they can investigate and fix.