Cars Crash right infront of me on my Bike Ride in Tualatin - Caught on Camera

Was on a ride on my RadWagon 4 yesterday with a friend, when a truck rear ended another car right in front of us. Caught it on my GoPro luckily. Please take our reactions with a grain of salt considering it was a reaction out of shock more than anything, “can’t believe that happened right in front of us, haha, that was scary”. Rather than us being excited over the footage.

Happened in Tualatin, on Tualatin-Sherwood Rd, take a look.

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Scary. Well at least the truck didn’t do the “Portland thing” and hightail it away from the scene. I hope no injuries to the occupant(s) of the white car.


I hope no one was injured.

A few things that I hope you did after the video ended:

  • Call 911, or at least offer to call 911, in case there were injuries, and to get the cops involved.
  • Wait around for the Tualatin PD to show up, show them the video, so that they could cite the truck driver.
  • exchange contact info with the driver of the white car, in case they need a witness. And so you could share the video with them.

Yes, you could argue that the truck driver is prima facie at fault since the truck driver rear ended the white car, so there’s no point in sharing the video.

I disagree.

This may sound corny, but sharing the video with the driver of the white car is being a good bike ambassador. Next time that driver sees a bicyclist, they’ll automatically remember that a bicyclist offered them help in a time of need. They’ll give that bicyclist extra room.

Having that video means the white car driver can show truck driver’s insurance company how fast the truck was going, how far the truck pushed the white car, and therefore how significant a case of whiplash the driver of the white car driver suffered. It will also keep the truck driver from arguing that the white car cut them off, or some other nonsense.

Getting that truck driver cited means that driver is one step closer to being off the road. Sounds too harsh? You don’t know how many times that truck driver has had similar crashes. And stop and think about what would have happened had the truck driver tried to go around the stopped car by moving to the left, where you and your friend were standing. Or to the right, into the bike lane, where another bicyclist might have been riding.


Dang that is scary! Thanks for sharing.

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That looks like a commercial purpose vehicle. You forgot to publicly include the negligent party’s Oregon CCB or LCB number

I wasn’t involved in the crash, so I didn’t bother.