Carbon fiber Focus road bike

2013 Focus Izalco road bike for sale. Shimano Ultregra components, 622X15 aluminum alloy wheels. In excellent condition and has relatively low mileage for its age – no more than 3,000 miles. Sadly, I need to ride upright these days, so I’m hoping to pass this on to someone who wants the thrill of a light carbon fiber bicycle on a budget.

Asking $1,200. Call Jeff Mapes at 503-475-6362

I’m not in the market for another road bike, but I have to ask: Are you THAT Jeff Mapes?

p.s. Again, not for my benefit, but: You might want to edit your post to include frame size?

Hi Mark,

I am the journalist, and clearly not mechanically minded. How do I measure frame size?



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I could be mistaken, but it looks like it has a “M” on the downtube, right above the bottom bracket. So probably a Medium?

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Thanks Steve. Makes sense since I am 5’9”. But aren’t frame sizes usually measured in inches or millimeters?

Steve’s eye are better than mine. Frames are typically measured in centimeters. (I’m 6 feet with about a 32-inch inseam, and I usually take a 56cm.) You should be able to find it somewhere on the frame?