Captain Jack Sparrow rides Portland MAX

A biting Jack Sparrow. Can’t make this stuff up. Yet another example of why no one wants to ride transit in Portland. But oh Portland supports transit and climate goals. No it doesn’t.

There are places in the world where mass transit is inviting and usable. Portland is the complete opposite of that.

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Just venting here . . .
I was talking to a co-worker, ok complaining, that it used to be that I’d see maybe 2 or 3 incidents a year of misbehavior on the Max or bus.
Now, what I wonder, is when I board, what misbehavior will I witness today? And yes, I see incidents daily. The Max is by far the worse, but the buses are getting there too since the drivers aren’t allowed to say anything to someone who boards. So free fare zone everywhere now.
And now TriMet wants to increase fares. For what? Are they going to actually provide security? Start checking fares? I never ever thought I’d see a public transit system become so bad.


No they won’t provide security. Law enforcement has been determined to be evil and racist in Portland. Crime is preferred. We elected people like Hardesty, Schmidt, Eudaly, Carmen Rubio, Kafoury, Lynn Pederosn (Metro), Susheela Jaypal and recently Vega-Pederson. This is what we get.

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Add to that a spineless mayor who would rather pander to violent mobs and terrorist groups than do the right things to get the city back on track.

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