Buying a Bike Suggestions

I tried out a Gaint FastRoad bike today. It was exhilarating. I’m in the market for a new Hybrid. Last bike I bought was a Trek. Any suggestions. like it light- wait with easy momentum.

I work at a bike shop so I won’t name any brand names due to conflict of interest. But I will say, take as many test rides as you dare and buy the bike that you most enjoy riding. That’s how I buy bikes for myself.


Yep, Second that, test ride, keep having the mechanic adjust the seat/bars if need be…and be prepared to ride around the block 15-20 times… minimum.
Good Luck!

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I bought a Specialized Sirrus 3.0, it’s a great bike! I’m very excited. Thanks for all your suggestions. I test rode about 4 bikes before I decided on this one. See ya on the trails.

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I brought my voyager from ESKUTE, they’re made in Portland, and cost under 1000. Really help me a lot since I commute by it.