Burnside Park Maddax Woods Path

This path is a quarter mile from my house and I use it all the time to exit my neighborhood on my way to Oregon City. Since all my neighbors know that I ride this path and I suspect they don’t know anyone else who rides they see me as “the” representative for all cyclists in the area.
So here’s my point…apparently there have been several incidents where cyclists on the path riding quickly do not slow down for pedestrians on the path. This is a shared use path and it is extremely narrow in some portions. Please if you use this path slow down and take care around pedestrians. Perhaps even a perfunctory hello might go a long way towards maintaining good relations.


Thanks for sharing this. I definitely hear what you are saying. I personally push back when folks try to make me a representative of all other cyclists. I mean, that’s a totally biased and immature view of the world! I admire your effort in calling for more respectful cycling and it bothers me too when folks are rude — but this really has nothing to do with you or with cycling. Some people are just jerks when they use a vehicle around others, whether that vehicle is a bike or a car or a hoverboard, or whatever. I’d really encourage you to remind your neighbors that your bicycle does not define you any more than their cars define them. Can they speak for all the drivers in the neighborhood?


For the sake of brevity I did not include that I actually did point out to my neighbor that I was no more a representative of all cyclists than he was of all drivers. After this discussion I was going to just let it go but then thought that although a long shot I could post is here and perhaps it could help. I agree assholes are assholes regardless of their mode of transport but I also think sometimes people get so wrapped up in their own experience that they neglect those around them. Our world today seems to be lacking in kindness and empathy.