Bringing back Ride App (quietly, enthusiastically)

Remember ride streaks, trophies, emoji snowglobes, stress maps? local easter eggs? the magic of automatic trip logging? the puns…

We’re quietly bringing back Ride App

Hi, I’m Nelle and I work at Ride Report. We closed down the app back in 2018 but recently gained quite a bit of confidence in new Ride App use-cases and even more demand. We’re doing a cool pilot in denver logging trips for the city’s new ebike rebate program (which, we hear might be in the works in Portland?).

The app is definitely not what it used it be – yet. Which is why we need some help.

If you were an original Ride App person, would you be up for joining our test version to log trips, flag any bugs, and provide any feedback? We only have an Apple/iOS version – for now. We need as many testers in the wild as possible before we can tinker with new features and officially launch again.

Click here to become an official, vip, backstage, very helpful ride app tester.

We so appreciate it. Thank you. Let me know if you have any questions.