Brand New Flanders Bike Bridge Trashed

Well only took a few days for the brand new $9.5 million Flanders pedestrian and bike bridge to be trashed.

Homeless tent surrounded by garbage, blocking 1/2 the bridge, anarchist “BLM”
graffiti all over the deck. Just missing human feces and some needles and then it will be fully baptized Portland style.
Portland has so much potential but it is such a s&@thole.


Color me surprised. No law enforcement, no consequences? Great job, Portland. The city’s only response (and this goes back to at least the Charlie Hales era) has been to declare invented, ongoing “crisises” of indeterminate length and no expiration date, and use them as justification to effectively nullify laws in the name of whatever pet cause they need to prop up. And now our quality of life is in the shitter.

It’s almost as if chaos and dysfunction doesn’t work.


What makes you think that graffiti is “anarchist” or “BLM”? Perhaps there was more graffiti not shown in your photo? Because what I read in that photo is just some random person writing about a rapper they like.


I’m not sure the subject matter is of critical importance as the graffiti disrespects a beautiful new non-motorized public transportation project regardless of what it states. You may be a better graffiti reader than me :slight_smile: but it appeared there were several names of people that apparently died in police shootings. A “hijacking” of the BLM movement by pestiferous vandals that has become all too common in Portland.

I think on that point at least, you are correct.

I’ll take these random musings and rambling notes over the white supremacist and anti-semitic graffiti that adorns the Sandy River Ped/Bike bridge in Troutdale.

Just paint over it and move on. We live in a city, deal with it. You are tilting at windmills if you think this has any real connection with BLM.

It sucks about the tent, but what a you gonna do? People need housing, until we provide some, we will have issues with people sleeping in pubic infrastructure.


Some of it appeared to be “BLM” graffiti to me (names of people shot) I put it in quotes in the original post because I do not think people who truly support the laudable and worthwhile goals of the BLM movement would do this. Regardless it’s about the vandalism not the content of the graffiti.

It’s also okay to not want tents on this bridge. Portland needs to stop confusing leniency and enabling with compassion and set some standards on appropriate behavior. Damaging/vandalizing public infrastructure and blocking public thoroughfares is NOT ok.


I’m not too worried about the graffiti, but the tent shouldn’t be allowed to remain for five minutes. That is absolutely unacceptable.


[quote=“Drs, post:7, topic:1224, full:true”] the tent shouldn’t be allowed to remain for five minutes. That is absolutely unacceptable.

There are tents everywhere else, blocking sidewalks and multi-use paths. Why is this scenario any different? Because the bridge is new? Last I checked this happens immediately whenever facilities open. It’s a great argument against developing new infrastructure:

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This scenario is no different. It is absolutely unacceptable that Portland has allowed public infrastructure to be trashed and blocked to the extent it has. Just because it is completely predictable and expected that encampments would appear in the middle of new public infrastructure within days of its installation does not make it any less outrageous.


The graffiti just adds a layer of disrespect for valued public carbon reducing non-motorized

Vagrant tent camp popping up was expected.
City of Portland’s PBOT won’t do a damn about illegal motor vehicles activity along the MUP by Greeley/Interstate where there’s a Hazelnut Grove transient encampment. Who would have expected this to go any differently?


Yep, the city and many residents have confused compassion and enabling.
Unfortunately, everyone suffers with this approach.

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Also, the OMF-HUCIRP (Office of Management and Finance, Homeleness/Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program) is an ineffective and incompetent program. At best, it’s a confetti throwing machine towing a vacuum that picks up the confetti it just littered.

Them, and City/County Joint Office of Homeless Services together with cottage industry of services non-profits are collectively responsible for proliferation of vagrant tent camps, because they literally hand out sleeping bags and tents to urban vagrants.

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Was cleaned of graffiti and wide open for bike/ped traffic today. Tents on the west end, on 16th, but not on the bridge.


Amazed anything gets cleaned in this city anymore but glad to hear.

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Recent photo of homeless tent fire on the Ned Flanders crossing.

Here come sandwiches,

Here come sandwiches,

Right down Boozey Bum Lane…

Brother Ned’s got cheese on bread

And a side order of shame…

Sung by Ned Flanders

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Housekeeping came by? They’ll be back momentarily on the freshly cleaned turf. Hillier, Lindsay and Lewis with the OMF/CAO HUCIRP, the trifecta of failure.

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Are tents only a problem if they are in bicycle right of way because I have seen them blocking sidewalks completely and RVs taking over streets.

I know to some cars are the enemy, but what happens to others can happen to bike paths as well.

Maybe we should not vote for incompetent people just because they sh*t on drivers and don a bicycle helmet etc.

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Only in Portland do the tent dwellers have more rights than the other residents of the city. Only way to get back to a reasonable balance is to vote out some current enablers on the City Council. Next election is November 2022.