Blumennaur bridge access routes

I have ridden past the soon to be opened Blumenauer bridge numerous times this year. Often I pedal away with recurring questions. It will operate as a extension of seventh avenue across the Banfield. One thing I wonder about is that there does not seem to be any change in the intersection of Lloyd blvd. and Seventh avenue. Will this mean the only safe access to the bridge with traffic control will be from Grand blvd.? Will crossing seventh remain a very hazardous maneuver across a very heavily used road?

Short answer: There are upgrades planned to the intersection of 7th and Lloyd, although maybe they won’t be in place for opening day?

Longer answer: I think there have been more recent articles about it on BP and elsewhere, but the one I could easily find was this sketch from 2018. The idea is for it to be a kind of “plaza” at the north landing, similar but a little more substantial than for instance the west side of the Flanders crossing. I’m not sure if it will have a light, but I presume there will at least be stop signs.

In terms of connecting to larger networks, there are several:

A carfree crossing of I-84 at 7th Avenue has been a dream for many years. In 2015 we said it was one of the key bikeways that would help revitalize the Lloyd. A former staffer of The Street Trust once described it as “An MLK for people walking and biking,” a reference to nearby Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, which, along with Grand, forms a major arterial couplet that is so car-centric most bike riders won’t go near it. The new bridge will solidify the value of 7th Avenue in the cycling network because it will now stretch about four miles from SE Division to the Alberta District. PBOT has plans to improve the bike lane on 7th south of I-84 and there’s already a plan in progress to make it better for bikes north of I-84. –BP article

The north end of the crossing is the southern end of the Lloyd to Woodlawn greenway (stupidly diverted along NE 9th for part of the way, but that’s a different conversation). The southern end connects to the upcoming SE 7th “Complete Street” project.

Blumenauer Bridge is also part of the larger (but mostly still unfunded) Green Loop. Friends of the Green Loop has a simple map here.

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The signals are in place. Pge was working on energizing them, they should be operational now or soon.

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