Biking from Lake Oswego to PSU

Am house-sitting in LO. Wondering if anyone has a safe and efficient route from LO to PSU campus.
To be more specific, I am located in the Lake Forest neighborhood.
According to one site, it recommends heading down Boones Ferry and hooking up with Terwilliger.
Thank you for any tips and recommendations.

Yeah Boones Ferry over I-5 onto Terwilliger is the best (quickest) way IMO.
Although Boones north of Lake Grove / Mountain Park loses it’s bike lanes and the cars are moving fast through there.
But if you are going to PSU, Terwilliger will drop you within a few blocks of the campus, and it’s a great ride through the greenery north of Barbur blvd.

Hello raysco,
Thank you for the tips.
Looking forward to the ride!