threading/nesting problems

@Jonathan_Maus, I just wanted to point out my comment on an article here, because I think this is a more appropriate place to call it out for you.

  • @#$%^ Once again, Hell Kitty shows mastery of the nesting system. Not.

FWIW, Kitty, you need to hard refresh the page after you purposely nest a comment, otherwise, the script that does the nesting thinks you’re still in the same context.

Jonathan, I don’t know if your site developer changed the nesting library or just botched something many moons ago, but it used to be that when commenters attempted to nest, there was a bit of meta data above the text input area that said “replying to {previous commenter}”. If that could get restored, it would help abate the lion’s share of these nesting complaints.


Yes. Thanks. We’ve worked on this issue in the past. Keep in mind that the main architecture that runs BP is based on a free WP theme I started using in 2005! It has been heavily modded by some very talented developers, but it is also full of gremlins and complexities.

We are working on a whole redesign/upgrade that will come with more functional and better comment section.

That being said I will fwd this to my dev and ask him to take a look at it. Could be a simple fix.


Enjoying the new commenting system on the main site so far, particularly being able to edit typos!

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I’m curious about one thing on the new comments: what makes a comment a closed or reply-able thread?

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Great to hear you like it so far!

As for your question about closed or reply-able. Not exactly sure what you mean. But on my end (as a logged-in admin), I think that means I can close replies on a specific comment so that people can just keep arguing over some personal beef or off-topic thing.

When in doubt, just click something and see what it does!

Some legacy comments (comments made before you flipped the switch) seem to have some comments with a reply button, and others with a lock icon and no reply button. Let me paste a link to an example: Portland installs first of 100 temporary diverters to tame traffic and create safer streets -