is very slow

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed that the bikeportland website is very slow. It takes about 5.5 seconds for the initial contents to show up. That’s much slower than it used to be and also slower than Oregon Live or the NY Times web sites.

Comment: one of the surest ways to drop readers is to lose their attention because the website is not displayed quickly.


I’ve also noticed this. Seems like, timing wise, it might correlate with when the mobile version of the site debuted. It’s definitely a pain.

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Hi mhl,

Thanks for the feedback. Making the site load quickly is a huge priority for us. We are actively working to make this better and investing time and resources on major code/database repairs and cleanup prior to a full site upgrade coming in the next few months.

Also, we have a dedicated web tech who monitors performance and I’ve sent this message to them so they can assess and make sure nothing is awry. Thanks again and please report back how the site loads for you.

I might know a guy. Just sayin’.