BikePortland coverage feedback?

I’m always interested in your feedback on our stories and other content — but especially now amid the pandemic. I’m trying to not do only virus-related stories because I know some of you are probably fatigued with that topic at this point… But it’s so important and always evolving.

What type of stories would you like to see us focus on right now?

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I’d like to see a write up on bike packing for the post virus moments we get. Maybe ideas on gear/ setup/ and places. Maybe a list of bike friendly mountain towns or must see places and such.

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I always love the “ask Bike Portland” series and any guest columns by local bike lawyers. Neither of those relate directly to the virus situation at hand.


Got a question? I love doing these too and am always looking for interesting queries.

I still haven’t thought of anything. But when I do …

My favorite recent blogs were BikePortland’s 15 year anniversary, and checking in with Alan Koch. It’s also been nice to see a few usernames from years past stopping by. I don’t have specifics (sorry!) but any other retrospectives seem like possibilities. Good time to catch up!

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I personally like hearing about the meetings you go to about projects relating to transportation planning and infrastructure under consideration or in the pipeline. Your blog is the single best source for information on those topics as well as insights on the players and dynamics.

Regarding pandemic tie in, how funding models based on car use affect all these things.


that’s good feedback @Alan_1.0. Did you like learning about this bike/art show we put on way back in '06?

Yeah!! Read that first thing this morning. Totally enjoyed it! :blush: I was just getting into Portland’s bike scene at that time and did not attend that event. First Thursday reminds me of my time in the early '90s in the Pearl. I might comment later.

One commenter who catches my mind quite often is Roberta Robles. I’m not sure what roles she plays but she seems well connected to Portland’s urban scene. I wonder if she would like to write a guest article or two?