BikePortland comments-to-Twitter bug^Wfeature

Hey @Jonathan_Maus, regarding the new comments-to-Twitter feature, could it become possible for a commenter to de-select that option? Either for their comments in general (preferred option) or on a post-by-post basis? I have no desire to feed S.M.'s insatiable and amoral belly.

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No. I don’t think with my current tech capabilities, I could do this feature and have people opt-out. At least I haven’t figured out how to do that. A few other people have expressed this concern so I’m considering shutting it down.

And I get the concern, but I hope folks realize that it is literally just posting a username (which can be anything you want) and a portion of the comment to Twitter. There’s no other personal info being shared or any lasting connection to Twitter. Also FWIW Twitter might not be perfect but they are much better citizens than FB/Insta.