Bike versus Car

So, i was struck by a car yesterday evening, crossing NE 33rd on Stanton.

Police were on scene, and he did file a police report. I have not seen it yet, but put in a request.

I have no information on the driver or his insurance.

I was taken by ambulance last night to emergency department.

Anyone know what steps i need to take?


Any follow-up?

You could try filing for charges yourself by submitting a citizen’s traffic citation if they broke traffic law, especially since there’s already a police report.

Anyone know what steps i need to take?

A first step is abolishing cars immediately.

Contact one of the bicycle injury lawyers who advertise on

Get the police report and then contact the driver. Their auto insurance should cover you if they were at fault,

Do you have a car and an auto insurance? If so, contact your insurance to be covered by your PIP.

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