Bike Twitter? OK!

Secretary Pete Buttigieg on a Capital Bikeshare:

:smiley: :bike: :heart:

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Yes and it’s so funny that he was told that about his saddle! Unbelievably cool that he rides bike share. Can’t wait to see his policies implemented


Equally funny and kind of endearing that he admits and is not self-righteous about it.

The single good thing that came out of four years of Trump is communicating with officials by Twitter. Policy by tweets, not good, but possible direct line of communication, yes


I can hear his military discipline, like a walky-talky call: “Can confirm.” Since I started watching him as he was running for DNC chair in 2016, I’ve always been impressed by how much meaning and accuracy he conveys in very simple words. I’m really hopeful about his leadership at Transpo.

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