Bike stolen from out-of-work neighbor

My car-free, out-of-work neighbor with back-issues relied on her beloved banana yellow upright cruiser to get around. It was stolen from her garage in N. Portland (University Park/Kenton).

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Major bummer! :frowning_face:
Be sure it gets listed on bike index as stolen.

Here is a helpful link:


Being such a distinctive color might help for the first 6-8 hours, but it’s quite likely it could fall victim of spray paint re-paint. Have you investigated these outdoor bicycle dismantlers operating without permit at
1.) “the Cut” at Macrum/Lombard, most notably the area west of Public Storage property
2.) up and down along the cut
3.) the ODOT easements around I-5/Lombard by Interstate Fred Meyer
4.) 45.583766, -122.756845 near City of Portland water pollution lab in University Park.

So sorry to hear about this. I see some helpful replies have already been posted. In my experience of getting one of my stolen bikes back and being around this issue for years is that the victim should hit the streets ASAP. Look in bushes and other places where stuff gets stashed. You have a window when the bike will be in the community and on the streets before it gets parted out and becomes unidentifiable. And yes, do what Bike Index says… Get it into the systems so if/when PPB comes across it they can get it back to you.

Also, do a physical canvas of the immediate area asking for security camera footage and include an email address you can be reached at on the flyer. There’s a slim chance that someone has the thief on video. I don’t know how helpful posting on next door might be. I’ve heard mixed results.