Bike Registration - Bike Index & Project 529

Hello! I am involved with BikeIndex as an ambassador here in Portland and I have a history with Project 529 as well. Both organizations use owner-supplied entries & bike retailer-supplied registrations to populate their database of bikes with serial & detailed information. In the event a bicycle is stolen, the information is readily available to share and law enforcement agencies can track down the registered owners to help speed up the return of stolen bikes.

I greatly encourage all cyclists to register their bikes before a theft occurs, but even registering after a theft will help provide detailed info on your bike if someone were to recover or find it out in the wild!


Thanks for posting. Definitely a good idea to register your bike. With the elimination of the Bike theft task force and general lack of law enforcement in Portland and unencumbered criminals, it’s time to buy a better and bigger lock as well.

Is it a good idea to register with both Project 529 and Bike index or will one or the other suffice?