Bike racks at Kelley Point Park?

Are there any bike racks hidden anywhere at Kelley Point Park? Every time I’ve gone, I’ve had to lock my bike to whatever random sign post I can find.

And if there isn’t, who should we pester to get some added?

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I can’t remember finding any bike racks at the park or open restrooms.

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I am almost certain there are bike racks (city staple style) near the main bathroom in the northern part of the park. From the big parking lot, go northwest on that paved path and look down on your left.

As for parking in parks… That would be a mix of PP&R and PBOT. I’m sure you could start by making a report on ParkScan

Good luck and tell me how it goes. This might be good to do a story about… (I too have grumbled at times about parking in parks).

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