Bike Purchase Recs

Hello! My bike was recently stolen ( :sob:) and I am still in a grieving period, but I do need to find a replacement as biking is my only form of transportation at the moment. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that most of the local shops are sold out of anything in my price range ($400-$600). I was riding a KHS X-Route 100.
My question - does anyone have either a) leads on Portland-area shops that are currently in stock, or b) recommendations for where to look online? I am very hesitant to order a bike online, but that seems to be the only option right now.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t know what your size is or where you are but, in that price range, I recommend finding something on craigslist. Take someone who knows a bit about bikes if you’re not mechanically inclined to make sure there aren’t any issues. It’s also good to show up with someone else for craigslist buys if you haven’t done it before.

Like these:

Every shop I’ve been in has a shortage of inventory right now.

Good luck.

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The worst thing we can collectively do to worsen the theft problem is to fuel the demand for stolen bikes. I’ve read you should be careful when people do things like “five0three” because it’s said to be something people do to avoid their listings from getting cross referenced.

Always check the serial # before you buy. If it’s covered up/ground off, don’t buy it. Without demand for stolen bikes, they won’t get stolen nearly as much.

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People do things like start their phone number with “five0three” to avoid their phone number from being harvested from the internet. It’s not because of cross referencing. You don’t need to include your phone number in the post. I don’t include my phone number in posts at all and expect people to reach out to me via email first.

That’s a good point too. For what it’s worth, here’s a source saying be leery of spelled out numbers.

To protect yourself as a buyer, be leery of:

“5. If telephone numbers are spelled out instead of using digits as a way of hiding the ads.”

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So sorry!!
This link might be helpful

Also if you buy something second hand from a private seller be sure to check serial number on bike index or project 529 so you don’t end up buying a stolen bike.