Bike parking safety at the oregon convention center?

Hi folks,
Planning to attend a week-long conference in a couple of weeks at the OCC, I thought they used to have bike valet there, but it doesn’t seem advertised (maybe just for specific events?). Anyway, does anyone have recent experience with how safe or unsafe bike parking is (theft main concern) in the 2nd floor garage space? It’s not in my normal sphere of ride destinations so I just don’t know. Thanks!

I just attended a week-long conference at OCC, and parked my bike out front (in the covered area along MLK) all day, including a couple evenings that went to 8 or 9pm. Didn’t have any issues, although I don’t have an incredibly expensive bike, and I do have a reasonably secure lock. I feel like someone using an angle grinder here would be pretty quickly noticed and questioned by OCC staff or passersby.

I don’t have any experience with (and in fact didn’t even know about) the garage parking.

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