Bike on Amtrak Bus?

I booked a ticket from PDX to Vancouver BC for next week, which is on the Amtrak Cascades train from PDX to Seattle, then Amtrak bus from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. The website gave me an option to pay $10 extra to bring a bike, so I paid it. Amtrak’s online customer service rep says I can take my bike on both the train and the bus unboxed, but I wonder if that’s really true. Anyone have any recent experience bringing a bike on the Cascades train and/or the Amtrak Bus? Thanks.

I regularly ride Amtrak Cascades between Portland and Salem, bringing my bike every time. A majority of those I ride the bus back from Salem via Amtrak Thru Way (which in actuality is just Oregon POINT). I’ve been able to bring my bike unboxed. I just put it in the luggage storage area underneath the bus.
I’m not sure who services the Seattle → Vancouver, BC stretch, though. But I’d expect things to work out given my experience.

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Late for it to mater much, I’d be concerned about my derailleur getting bent and other banging around with it getting tucked into the under bus storage. bp91745, I’d like to hear about your experience after the fact, I’ve been eyeballing that route, bummer the train from Seattle north is out of service for the season.