Bike Helmet Moda Center?

The Moda Center and Providence Park are severely limiting what people bring into the stadium (just new security measures - not related to COVID). I was surprised when I couldn’t bring in a backpack to a Thorns game with a coat and some of my bike gear last week. I’m going to a Blazer game today and they have the same policy, but I can’t find anything about helmets - does anyone know if they’ll let you bring your helmet into the stadium? Their helpline is down on Saturdays so I thought I’d post here.


That’s a good question about helmets at Moda. My hunch says they’ll let you sit with a helmet. If not, let me know. I also experienced the new bag policy at Providence Park. It was silly. Made someone I was with place their bike bag inside a clear bag. But I understand they have policies. OK. But I think these arenas should have better storage/locker solutions for bicycle riders. We don’t have back seats and we have stuff that is on our bike that will be stolen if left on it. Bike lockers should be a standard amenity at major destinations in Portland. I helped New Seasons on Williams set up their bike parking and when I suggested lockers they loved the idea and they have worked just fine at that location.


I went to the Blazers game on Thursday and a lot has changed. The new bag policy was pretty extreme, anything larger than approximately a postcard isn’t allowed in. My wife brought a cloth tote bag to hold her wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. and that also wasn’t allowed… not even folded up and stuck in the wallet.

The solution they offer is a free bag check in a shipping container outside the north entrance. Did that, but at the end of the night, guess what? A line of hundreds of people waiting to get their stuff out of the bag check. We bailed. Lost a tote bag, hand sanitizer, cheap sunglasses etc. but it was preferable to dealing with that line.

So yeah, no way are they letting anyone inside with a helmet.

FWIW, apparently our stuff is now in the lost & found @ Moda Center. But that’s another trip, another minor hassle in a night of minor hassles. At the moment, to sit in a vaccinated section you have to:

  • Complete the “wellness check” in the Trailblazers app promising you’re not sick and show it to someone
  • Show your vaccination card / pictures of it to someone else
  • Deal with ticket-takers not familiar with multiple ticket formats (some fans had UPCs that needed to be scanned, others had NFC-based Apple Wallet tickets that needed to be held up to a reader)
  • Figure out the new ordering kiosks & non-intuitive queues that have replaced the cashiers at nearly all concessions (Moda Center is now “cash free” apparently)
  • Sit rather close to the others in your section (only a 1-seat gap between parties and no gap between rows!)
  • Share hallways, bathrooms, etc with the vaccinated and presumably un-vaccinated alike, since once you’re out of your seat you’re free to roam with zero social distancing being observed.

Overall I was glad to go out and get to do something! But more than a few things rubbed me the wrong way. Not sure I’d do it again until we’re more out-of-the woods re: covid.


So my friend and I showed up helmets in hand, and they did end up letting us in, but it had to go up two levels while we held up the whole line, and even the manager who eventually said yes seemed uncertain, so I could unfortunately imagine it going the other way depending on who it is.

Lockers are great, but as dub_housing points out, when you have that scale of crowds at sports games it’s magnitudes different than shopping centers. One of the things I love about biking is not worrying about finding car parking or dealing with transit crowds at these packed events.

Anyway, they landed on yes w/ our helmets in the arena, so hopefully that’s what holds in the future.


Thanks for all the good info on this thread. Really appreciate it. If anyone else has experiences to share, please do. I have some contacts at the Blazers Org/Moda and might be able to run this up the flag pole.

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Aren’t the bike lockers there for just the employees and racks for public plebs? I mean, I assume that the employees must really appreciate them. That was why I was able to ride my bike into an office without fear of horse thieves for 15 years: I had secured storage at the office end.

Nope. The lockers are for everyone. Unless they’ve changed the policy.

Helmets are beautiful part of you biking journeys

NSM Williams has a designated bike cage area reserved for employees. It is my understanding that the lockers for personal items in the store were removed when they became day storage for houseless folks in the area.

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