Bike Chop Shop

Hi, I am new to this forum so please excuse if this isn’t posted correctly. My office is across from NE 21/Oregon (where the former Sunshine Dairy is located). This corner is a HUGE bike chop shop. I have reported this repeatedly to the city of Portland, the PPB, etc and all it does is grow. Just now I watched a guy ride a new women’s Civia bike be sold/chopped. It breaks my heart and I just wanted to try to get the word out there. If there is anything further I can do, please let me know. Thanks! -Libby


I hear hear, but the administrator here don’t want people using the “C” word, so I have to refer to it as unsanctioned cycle dismantling business without a license.

There’s such an operation on the west edge of downtown at the NE corner of SW 12th/SW Columbia, a block from downtown Safeway. That’s been going on for months with no action. If you’re ever down that way, check it out.

Also, PBOT has been subsidizing certain industries and business operators by choosing to forego parking code enforcement, such as vendors and proprietors involved in the operation of this cyclery dismantling. I have to come to the conclusion that it is a favoritism on an arbitrary and capricious basis as any email requests for explanation go unanswered. Currently, multiple automobiles associated with that business is street parking in violation of Title 16 of city code in metered district and PBOT is conspicuously turning a blind eye.

This is the response I have received from the city information/referral center:

“This has been reported to the Homeless Urban Campsite Impact Reduction Program and to Business Licenses. Without a physical address for “owners” of a home/address, I do not believe that Code Compliance is able to enforce this zoning non-compliance issue. Code Compliance can follow up with you to explain. I have notified HUCIRP because this involves a campsite.”

No follow-up from code compliance. That said, you might be able to go to some uppity rich neighborhood like Ladd’s Addition or Eastmoreland and open a shop that is unsightly, livability impacting and obnoxious as long as you don’t have a street address.

I bike by that spot all the time. There has been some sort of buying/selling/vending activity going on there for quite some time. In the evening, I always see people standing around in the street next to haphazardly parked cars, apparently waiting for others to come buy or sell things.

You’re describing the same observed behaviors as those you find at SW 12/SW Columbia spot. Which one is worse though, if you’ve seen both? The reason I am asking is that I haven’t seen the NE 21/Oregon spot.

@libby_PDX if you’re able to setup a security camera and do a YouTube live feed and share that to as many places as you could, that might have some impact.

Thanks for posting. Very sad. Welcome to the anarchy of Portland. No enforcement of laws.
My suggestion is to write the mayor, all the city council members as well as the director of PBOT (Chris Warmer) and tell them you want enforcement of law including those regarding theft, vehicle registration and parking. It is not empathetic to allow people to break the law.
Thanks for caring.