Bike chop shop:(4-5 frames) SW 14th/Salmon by 405 north Salmon St exit downtown 9/8/20

There were several new bike frames in the bark dust on SW 14th here right by the off-ramp of SW Salmon from I-405 NB by the high school. They were not present on September 6th. One was red/white or red/silver themed. What’s in the plain view were stripped frames. This is a strong indication of chopping taking place behind tarps and tents in the cover of highway noise.

It’s on this strip between here, and to south to about KGW studio.

Transients are criddling here at night time and there’s a now a vehicle drawn UTILITY TRAILER parked right in the bark dust easement so clearly things, such as stolen bicycles are getting transported in the shadows of darkness. Keep your eyes peeled for transient camp bicycle chop shop here.

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