Bike Basket on Trimet

I use my bike for short trips to the store, etc. It’s a cheap Schwinn coaster brake cruiser because walking any distance hurts, bicycle doesn’t.

I have been searching and I am not sure if I can load the bike on the bus with the standard wire front basket. Right now I have a crappy wicker basket from Goodwill attached to the handlebars with dollar store dog collars as straps. It isn’t great because it sags when there’s any weight in it and presses down on the fender and grinds the front tire. I wanted to try taking the bike on the bus but i don’t want to make it so it can’t be loaded. Anybody?

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I rode the bus daily for years and use a bike with a front wire basket with no complaints from any drivers. They don’t like bags or anything that is loose or blocks their view, but empty baskets seem to be fine.

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I second @J_Wink.
If you want to practice I do know there are two places in town where you can practice loading your bike onto a bike rack (not attached to a real bus)

  1. PSU’s Transportation Information Center, located at 1812 SW 6th Ave
  2. Community Cycling Center, located at 1700 NE Alberta St