Bike and scooter Theft Ring on SE 14th / Hawthorne ( bicycle)

There is a known bike theft ring at 1324 SE 14th Ave. Portland, OR where several people have recovered their stolen bicycles and motorized scooters that were sitting out front. Some were stolen from apartment building secured bike rooms where anti-theft devices such as cable locks and u-locks were defeated.

The neighbors and Portland Police Bureau are fully aware of the theft ring. The Portland Police bike theft task force was out to the location in July 2020 due to an unrelated incident and recovered only the bikes that were reported as stolen through Bike Index or but were unable to recover the bikes that were NOT reported. There are about 40 bikes in the multi-unit building and there are posters around the neighborhood about the known location. Do NOT confront the residents as they are dangerous

Be sure to register your serial number at, carry renters insurance or buy a Kryptonite lock then pay the additional $10 for the insurance the same day as the purchase if it is defeated.

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Reposting… there’s a healthy dose of bike chop activity once you get closer towards Powell area.

Here’s some SE area spots known to have seen bike chop shop activity.

SE Raymond St between SE 26-28th and that general area has been known to have multiple bike chopping RVs and sketchy derelict vehicles making repeated stops at it.

SE Reedway St/SE 26th just at the far NW tip of Eastmoreland Golf course.

The jungle between between 99E and Springwater tail just north of Ross Island Sand & Gravel home office

The strip of curb on the west side of Powell Park at SE 22/Powell.

unauthorized transient camp at 2101 E/ SE POWELL BLVD (property owner: PORTLAND, CITY OF)

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The second post is a copy and paste of my post from another thread, so I am just clarifying that I am not related to the user Crasher.

As for the address named in their first post, City of Portland code enforcement has a note:

“COMPLAINT RECEIVED - TRACKIT 1833418 & 1837946- Blocked stairs/exits, sidewalk with junk - see 20-156172-HS”