Bicyclist dies in Salem, OR

Hi. I’m glad you use these forums, but we don’t host them to be a place to just share terrible and depressing news stories. If you have something to add to these stories, then that’s one thing. But just sharing the link and a depressing topic title isn’t what I want to see. I’ve deleted a few recent ones. Thanks for keeping this in mind.


So it’s okay for you to share all the depressing news on your blog about climate change, I-5 lane additions, how horrible the car-centric ODOT and PBOT are when you feel like it but then when someone makes a post to raise awareness about traffic violence you say it’s “too depressing”. Huh?

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You haven’t added anything to the conversation; you’re just posting a bunch of links.

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yeah. My issue is that you are just posting link without any of your own thoughts or input on the issues.