Benefits of “Pop Up” Bike Lanes

Interesting article on benefits of “pop up” bike lanes.

Research article on topic:

The impact of “pop up” lanes are hard to discern as bicycling was trending due to pandemic, which makes it kind of difficult to specifically isolate and evaluate the effect of the infrastructure.

Yes, a limitation of the study would be that it would not necessarily be generalizable to non-pandemic conditions. The study author did mention this in the article (which addresses that issue):
“Mr. Kraus cautioned that his study’s findings were unique to the pandemic, as public health officials encouraged cycling to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and cities across the world added bike infrastructure to their streets. But it may not be a stretch to imagine that more people could keep riding bikes once the pandemic ends.”

Honestly, I liked this idea. Pop-up bike lanes facilitate cycling during the current crisis while simultaneously demonstrating how streets can quickly be redesigned to accommodate more people moving through the city healthily and sustainably.