Be careful PDX pedestrians, it’s the Wild West in Portland, Cyclist first responder

Another pedestrian death. Per NextDoor reports the driver was under the influence and the crossing signal was inoperable (not confirmed at this time).

Even though it should be safe to walk in Portland, it’s not. Much of this is due to speeding and drivers who are under the influence. With essentially no traffic enforcement in the city of Portland there are minimal repercussions for driving fast or DUI. Also, drivers with weapons appear to have increased according to an friend who is a cop. It’s the Wild West on the streets. Use caution when walking. Good idea to wear bright colors, reflective safety vest and use a bright flashlight when walking in the evening hours. Probably good to care pepper spray as well. If you have proper training and permit consider carrying concealed due to dramatic increase in shootings in Portland. Stay safe!

From Next Door:

My husband just seen the aftermath of a really bad accident on Powell Blvd by the target around 33rd or so.

A young white kid got hit by a black escalade or tahoe. The witnesses said two guys ran from the scene after hitting the man. Two girls were in the road screaming for someone to help him. My husband was riding his bike by at the time and stopped to help. My husband said the man had no pulse and it was obvious he was gone. He is so torn up over this. The ambulance arrived about one minute after my husband stopped. How can someone hit a human like that and just run away from the scene afterwards. How can a person be so uncompassionate and coldhearted. What is wrong with people these days. No one is accountable for anything they do lately. I pray for this man’s family and the poor girls who were with him when he was hit. They were hysterical. Does anybody live around there that has cameras that may have caught these men running from the scene of the accident?

UPDATE: just seen on the news that a male pedestrian was hit and killed on 29th and Powell boulevard and that all people involved remained at the scene. My husband thinks the guy that hit the male was rambling on and saying weird things like “two guys ran off from the scene”. We’re thinking either the guy rambling or one of the two gals who were hysterical must hit the guy. My husband was busy trying to help the victim so he couldn’t gather all the info at that moment(edited)

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News coverage on death. Another death in lawless Portland. Please read posted NextDoor comments for better details on what occurred.

Oh and as example of guns in cars in Portland, here is some evidence.