Banks-Vernonia trail after the storms?

Has anyone ridden the Banks-Vernonia trail from Banks to Stubb Stewart, recently?

We are planning to camp at Stubb Stewart this weekend, but I read that a couple of weeks ago there were a number of trees down across the path due to the windstorms when the wildfires expanded.

Has this been fixed? Can anyone confirm that the path is usable now?

  • Joseph Eisenberg

I haven’t heard anything JosephE but I might be riding it tomorrow and will report back what I find. I would expect that any trees across the trail would be removed fairly quickly since this is a State Trail and is such a popular place to ride.

Great to hear! We have the option of going to Milo McIver instead (it’s re-opening for camping this weekend) which was our original plan before the fires, but the ride from Hillsboro to Stubb Stewart avoids major highways, so it’s nicer with kids.

We were just at Stub Stewart this week and the trail was clear from Banks to the park. Didn’t go north of there, but didn’t see any indication of issues. Be aware that some of the trails in the park are closed for maintenance/logging on weekdays, and when we went up the campground was full (we had reservations). I would recommend reserving ahead of time if possible. Also, the Brooke Creek Hike-In Camp is closed until spring.