Backroads to Hillsboro

I’m gonna bike today from Inner SE to Hillsboro. Google map is sending me through some highways with no setting to avoid them :frowning: any idea for back road routes once you’ve gone through Beaverton?

I live near Hillsdale and have found a route that avoids most arterial streets. Once in Beaverton (easy to reach from SW Portland via the Oregon Episcopal School campus/ SW 5th), continue westward on SW 5th/6th/Division to SW 160th or SW 170th. Head north on one of these streets to cross Farmington and continue north to SW Blanton Street, a low traffic street which runs parallel and a block south of TV Highway. You can ride west on Blanton almost to central Hillsboro. You might want to cross to the north of TV Highway to ride on residential streets into downtown Hillsboro. Good luck!