Automobiles finding their way into Peninsula Crossing Trail again

As reported here: effort was made to keep vehicles out, but I think they’re leaking into the protected area from N Syracuse St now.

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these rogue vehicles should be towed away and crushed.


I am not sure about this, because the vehicles may not lawfully belong to the scofflaw operator.

What I support is observations by law enforcement from a distance and surround the subject once they park and walk away a fair distance from the vehicle and proceed with making police contact for operating a vehicle where it is unlawful to drive and do the usual traffic stop type things. Warrant check, etc.

While it would be desirable if the perp self-destructs from crashing into a tree, I am suggesting the above to protect the safety of other people nearby and prevent damage to potentially stolen vehicle.


I’m shocked. What I’d give to live in a city where if you drive a car on a MUP then there would be some kind of consequences.


If it were possible…