Anyone want a free GoPro?

Got this message from a reader today:

I was reading your article about car aggression and you note how important it is to document these kinds of incidents.

I have a Go Pro that I got in 2013 and literally never used. Not once. If you know of any activists, journalists, or others out there who would benefit from a free Go Pro during these protests, I’d love to donate it.

If you need it, let me know and I’ll connect you with her.

UPDATE, 6/23 at 11:00 am: Go Pro has been donated to Don’t Shoot Portland.


I have a GoPro, let’s see who will get it for free.

I have an offer that’s not nearly as good, but might be useful to the right person.
I recently switched from Contour helmet cams. My old cameras are on their last legs (switches wearing out, etc.)… but if you have the skills, maybe they are repairable. A couple are the same model, so it’s possible parts could be scavenged to fix up one of them.

Some of my (worrying?) friends have been suggesting i get something like this to use when corking the rallies. I’d be interested, especially if it comes along with some advice for using it for that purpose. Happy to make a donation of appropriate amount to a local social justice related charity to show my gratitude.

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ok esther, I’ll connect you with the person.