Anyone lose or misplace a white/pink girl's bike that says Jenny or an older red maroon ladies Schwinn? (Foster Powell)

These bicycles were seen by a CMOS sensor and captured into a digital file along Powell and 60 in public view. No claim or assumption of their ownership status is offered per the forum administrator’s request, but a photo for your own visual pleasure in case someone maybe missing it.


Why describe the process of a digital camera’s sensor turning light into a digital file, rather than just saying camera, lol.

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There’s also a black/dayglow yellow kids bike in the picture. I didn’t see it the first few time I looked at the photo. And I assume they are stolen. Recently too, since they haven’t been dismantled and frankenbiked yet.

You’re right. I totally didn’t notice it. i thought it was a stolen Ryobi something of undocumented ownership status lol.