Any interest: Seltzer Squad Riding Club?

Hello! I’m Daniel. Relatively new to Portland (moved here just before lockdown).

I was curious if there’s anyone out there who would be interested in an informal weekly riding club that doesn’t end at the bar. Think (when the weather is more cooperative) picnics, coffee, and so on. Not specifically for people in recovery, but booze-free and simply a positive weekly mini-event. Inclusive and moderately paced, fun local rides with 1 monthly longer ride in the general NW Oregon/ SW Washington area.

If there already is such a group and I’m not aware, am sorry! But if anyone should be interested I’d love to start organizing, possibly co-organize with someone.

***Update: Group formed on Strava at Portland, Oregon Club | Seltzer Squad Riding League on Strava
First ride scheduled for this Sunday 12-26 at 10AM. Open invite, all welcome!

Thanks and safe riding!

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the husbeast and I don’t partake…pub runs are fun and don’t bother us at all but a seltzer run or two could be fun. we still have a young kidlet, so unlikely to be regulars, but I’m into it. Circa 33 used to make virgin moscow mules for me to the point they put them on the menu! I do miss those.

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