Any bike shops actually open?

I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I get it.

But, are there any bike shops in the portland area that are actually open? Like where I can go in and talk to a human being?

Why do I need a human being? I’m rebuilding an old mtn. bike and trying to give it new life as a gravel bike (so trendy, I know). I’ve been able to get most of the parts online, but I’m stuck removing the old cranks and bottom bracket. I would LOVE to take the barenaked frame into a shop, show it to them, say “what tools do I need?” and hand them money. I’ve done as much research on youtube/internets as I can stand.

I feel like if bars can be open, why not bike shops? REI is the closest thing, but their selection is garbage and staff are not necessarily the most knowledgable…

Any bikes shops actually closed? None of the ones near me in FoPo are, nor did they ever close. I only heard of one or two closing elsewhere in the city.

This site was maintaining a list, but it looks like there haven’t been any updates in 5 months. I see quite a few saying they’re closed. This

Even the PDW list is outdated: Bike Shops in a Time of COVID-19 – Portland Design Works

So from my view there are no currently closed shops.

Contact your LBS and see what their COVID-19 accommodations are. Joe Bike is my local, and they’re still doing business. (Their expansion plans seem to have been set aside, unfortunately.)

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The shops I go to are all open… sort of… that is, some ask you to make an appointment to go inside… and the repair staff is overwhelmed. I’ve patronized West End, River City, Bike Gallery and Sellwood in the past few months.
I would just suggest calling first.

Cory at Seven Corners Bicycles (SE 21st at SE Powell) is very helpful. Customers queue up in the parking lot and are served from a side door. Check the website for hours or call to discuss what you need.

Universal Cycles is open has lots and lots of parts and they can get quick delivery at their store. They moved from East Burnside to SW Walker Road in the Cedar Hills neighborhood about one mile north of the busy Beaverton transit center. They are right by a “greenway” and one block from a bus stop from TriMet bus 20. That store has helpful employees.

Which specific areas have you looked? It’s not just social distancing precautions needed, but there are a multitude of things affecting everything. There’s bicycle shortage and there’s been a string of political unrest related bike shop looting. The antifa affected zones are not a favorable climate for operating a business right now.

AFAIK every bike shop in town is open. Just limited hours so call before you go or check their website/social media channels.

And I noticed someone posted my Bike Shop status spreadsheet. That thing is no longer useful and it’s outdated at this point. Good luck.

I live Bethany, and all of the bike shops around me are closed to walk in traffic.

No “antifa” here, so I don’t see the connection.

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Bethany is a little far from City limits, but here’s all the shops in Portland. Bicycle Shops in Portland |

If you want to drop something off and have them do the work, most shops I’ve connected with ask that you call ahead (they’ve been busy lately, something about a covid bike boom).

Most shops I’ve been to like River City and Community Bicycle Center are “open” but won’t let you inside now. If you want something, then you have to know what you want or they will bring out several options of the thing you want and you buy the one you want. You don’t get to browse the store like pre-pandemic days. The only one that I have been to that will let you do that is Gresham Bicycle Center but their inventory of most things is quite low.

I whole-heartedly agree with you!

Honestly, I’ve never been much a fan of the bike culture and community in this town. My impression has been they’re either class-elite posturing in spandex or are reckless ball cap-wearing scofflaws, and that they wield an unhealthy influence on urban planning and local politics — and tend to be belligerently antagonistic toward motorists, even though much of the funding for their bike boxes and lanes comes from gas tax funds. Now they’re being cowardly wimps, singing “Ashes ashes…” every time someone knocks at the door needing a wheel rebuilt or to switch over to disc brakes.

I know this is a negative post, but I feel pretty negatively toward most of my fellow Portland cyclists. Just one example: Why should posh neighborhoods like South Waterfront have overpriced green bike lanes while roads out on Southwest or in Lents and farther out lack sidewalks and signaled crossings?

Don’t waste your time with bike shops, and don’t financially support businesses and people who over-react to a pandemic, to the point where they engage in paranoid protocols that are entirely unnecessary. It will take me a few months, but — as I’ve said before — I’m going to have a bike stand, a wheel truing stand, and all the tools and grease and parts I’ll need to be my own bike shop.

Lucky Beaverton — that store is awesome!

Multnomah County is still phase 1. The neighboring counties are phase 2.

Good to know! Thanks!

Multnomah County is in PERPETUAL phase 1. Which I think is total BS, by the way.

Most hospitals are at capacity right now. Patients needing admit from ER are not being admitted; they’re having to hold in ER, sometimes for days, because there’s nowhere to admit them. We’ve already exhausted our ability to push patients out to lower-demand facilities in outlying regions. Rules on patient to staff ratios have already been reduced as an emergency measure. As things are trending now, it will not be long before Oregon has to invoke crisis protocols like Utah did. It is/was absolutely necessary to do something to make people more wary and vigilant. Relaxing precautions is exactly the wrong direction. I don’t know how else to convey – especially now – that it’s absolutely not BS. Someone’s mother, newphew, or brother is dying right here in Multnomah County because we don’t have enough medical capacity.


You say this without asking what exactly about it I consider total BS. That is neither thinking, nor is it really conversing.

Perhaps you could have just explained why you think it’s BS, without being prompted.


Sorry for misunderstanding. I thought there was no ambiguity in what you said: Multnomah County being perpetually in phase one was total BS.

It would not surprise me, given the governor’s request and current conditions, if some shops cut back or close (again).