Another pedestrian death ☠️ in Portland

Another pedestrian death on I-84. Another “vulnerable neighbor” from Ohio or Oklahoma is my guess. Yours? Very sad we enable these deaths in Portland, a City of cruel and inhumane street camps. It’s NOT like this in most of the USA.

People here like to claim it’s “the high cost of rent” and show “compassion” then their conscious is clear and they can go on with their day. It’s sick.


Yep and Portland is full of violence apologists who try to downplay the record setting traffic deaths, murders & auto thefts by saying “It’s everywhere” when it’s not.

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Also, we the people of Portland pay the salaries of Wheeler, Hardesty, and “the rest”. I don’t care about other cities. I care about here where I live and it’s just a pure dereliction of duty what’s happening here.

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I’m greatly concerned for the safety of myself as a driver and as a passenger, and occupants of other vehicles as illegal trespassers marauder around traffic lanes of the freeway system. There was a inebriated male subject walking down the center of the Delta Park freeway exit last week.

What if I get rear ended by a semi to avoid a vagrant strike??? This is a real concern given that they still expect you to avoid having a vagrant strike even at the expense of your well being and the trespassing transient is clearly in the wrong.


This is a ridiculous comment.

Maybe be in your opinion ridiculous but sadly there’s truth in it.