Another dead pedestrian in Portland (Hit and Run)

Sad day again in Portland. 2 shot dead and 1 pedestrian killed in a hit and run. Please email the city council and tell them we are tired of the death and violence.

It’s time to call in reinforcements. We need the Oregon State Police and the National Guard to backup the PPB.

We don’t need Martial Law. What we need is cop-less traffic enforcement. Rather than fielding an officer, the city could field 2 traffic enforcement agents who are not armed and simply take care of speeding tickets and other driving infractions.

This intersection is terrible on a good day but at night, with the highway on ramp nearby, it’s got to be an absolute kill zone. This is a textbook example of an intersection that could use red light cameras.


I’m fine with non-police enforcement alternatives, But why didn’t the city do that BEFORE cutting the police budget and having the entire traffic division eliminated? The Portland city council has blood on their hands for their ineptitude in which they have handled public safety. At this point due to the anarchy in the streets that has been allowed to foment, Portland needs assistance from outside resources (FBI, State Police, National Guard, BATF, etc).

This is a total mischaracterization of the issue. Please stop regurgitating a false narrative about budgets and defunding. The City did not have “the entire traffic division eliminated”, this was a plan chosen and promulgated by PPB themselves based on staffing levels. And while the police budget was decreased by less than 4% this year, it has grown 25% since 2015. The issue is a deficiency in hiring and the number of sworn officers on duty. The number of officers per resident has seen a marked decline over the last 25 years. We had more officers on duty back in 1995 than we do now. In fact many more, 1001 vs 824 now. And we’ve grown by 33% since then. So what happened?

The 2021 budget, just as yearly budgets approved by the city council in years past, has funds for at least 100 more officers, we just need to hire them. What PPB has done is fail over a long period of time to properly manage and allocate personnel resources We spend more in overtime for senior incumbent officers and not enough on hiring and retaining new ones. We can talk about that problem, and what PPB, the City Council, and everyone in Portland can do to address this issue. But you can’t properly address the issue if you are dealing in false narratives about the extent and process of “defunding”.

Basically, they need to spend their budget as planned, with much closer to full staffing levels, before any discussion of increasing those budgets can take place. Use what is given to you properly, and then we can talk about shortfalls.



YES to hiring more officers! Although we actually need 400 more, not just 100. PPB has lost 130 sworn members and continues to lose 5-6 a month. They are down to 364 patrol officers, spread out 24/7 over 3 precincts. That means at any given time they have about 45-55 officers working the entire city. The problem is officers are leaving in droves due to the lack of support from city leaders and unfortunately misguided community members as well. Officers have even been falsely accused of being arsonists by a sitting City Council member. Recently this council member (who frequently denigrates the police) had the gumption to say it is their fault they cannot hire appropriately. Of course she also said she would enact a hiring freeze if she was in charge of PPB! Who would want to be a Portland cop in this environment?

I disagree that my narrative is false. The defunding combined with the lack of support for a full force of officers required Chief Lovell to prioritize 911 calls over issues that were not immediately life threatening (such as property theft and traffic enforcement). The Bike Theft Task Force in addition to the Traffic Division were eliminated for this same reason. :frowning:

Unfortunately, the people of Portland and its visitors are now bearing the brunt of the the lack of support for a functioning law enforcement agency. City Council members and activists are more into performative politics and displaying their woke “anti-police” credentials than they are at working pragmatically and cooperatively with the PPB to improve safety and security for residents. They are like a Trump on the left…just trying to break things down without a plan to fix it. We all suffer.