Angle grinder resistant locks

A new threat to bicycle theft is the proliferation of affordable, portable, high performance battery powered angle grinders. There are new locks out there meant to resist this threat.

Of course, we have unsolved underlying issues related to transient drug addicts, catch and release culture and shifting towards Portland Street Response on drug related offenses.

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I’ve asked about angle grinders on this forum, and apparently they’re not that much of an issue. I was thinking of the material you linked when I asked that question (though it hadn’t been given the trade name Proteus at that point). I thought I had mentioned it on the forum but I guess not since I can’t find it now.

The video looks promising, but that’s a ridiculous lock to carry around, and I’d want to see how it resists other tools. Aluminum might not hold up well to hardened brute-force sheer tools, and the ceramic microbeads won’t help that, either. Maybe it’d be feasible to make the bike rack itself out of that stuff?