Alternative Pittock Mansion Route?

So I was biking around the West Hills neighborhood below Pittock Mansion today, and when I got home it looked like I could have biked straight up to Pittock Mansion, which is what I was interested in doing. However, I distinctly remembered seeing a dead end sign. Sure enough, when I got onto Google Maps street view, I saw that the intersection of NW Hermosa Blvd and NW Monte Vista Ter does have a dead end sign. NW Monte Vista Ter turns into NW Pittock Drive, but when I followed street view, I saw a chain link fence go through the middle of the road! Very strange. So yes, a dead end, but I wonder if bikers can go through there? The road continues! Google Street View camera even follows a biker up there, hah! I wonder what that person ended up doing. I emailed the Pittock Mansion org. Anyone know anything about this?

That bike/pedestrian pass through has been there a long time, I believe since when they put up the barrier fence to automobile traffic. Here’s the route I usually use when going to Pittock Mansion:

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The road is a little rough in spots past the fence, but it’s a viable route and enables a connection with Skyline and other parts of the west hills.

yep! The Cumberland/Alpine route is what I use, though I do the De Ronde path, which means turning on Culpepper. It took a couple of tries to learn.

There are buried streetcar tracks at Macleay/Hermosa, going up Hermosa. Which is kinda trippy. Also, on a clear day, there’s a great view of Rainier/Helens where Monte Vista veers left at Rio Vista.

Here’s the route from Pittock to Skyline. It’s a nice quiet route to continue your suffering.

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Thanks for all the great info - excited to keep exploring. It’s been two weeks and no one from Pittock Mansion Org returned my email, so I’m glad I posted here, too!