A Vision Zero for Portland dysfunction, can’t we walk our kids to school in safety? Not in Portland

Portland pedestrian life. See Margaux Mennesson’s letter to the Oregonian:
Two weeks ago, as I walked my children to school, a man was screaming at all who walked nearby, approaching families with young children in a menacing way and running into the busy street to bang on cars. He is a frequent presence near the school - my 68-year-old mom, who often walks with our kids, has been threatened by him multiple times…….

In my neighborhood it’s not the one’s tripping on whatever drug of choice they use, it’s the reckless driving parents taking little johnny/janey to school. I can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve had over the years near the elementary school in my neighborhood with the most recent happening on Friday when a Land Rover decided to not give me an inch while speeding in our 20 mph zone. With good examples like that for the kids no wonder they are going off the deep end.
Until the parents are also held accountable for their dangerous behavior it’s never going to completely improve.