A lot of glass on I-205 trail

I live in the Lents neighborhood, and I take the I-205 trail a lot. South of Foster to Marine Drive in both directions.
In recent weeks, I’ve noticed the proliferation of shards of glass on the trail. By “shards” I mean little pieces of glass around the size of a pencil point, spread out across areas of the path.
We have all seen this before, but now it is everywhere along the I-205 trail. There seems to be an deliberate “organization” to it: south of Foster to past Gateway.
And at the Powell st. max stop, someone has torn away a corner of one of those yellow ADA “bumpy” pads, exposing a nail that was hammered into the concrete to secure the pads. This is at the stop signs on the trail.
The “alley” between Stark and Burnside on the trail was cleaned earlier in the summer, but towards Burnside is where I got a flat going through a glass shard area.
And NE 97th between Burnside and Glisan has always been bad.
I try to stay away from this area at night when vision is diminished.


Thanks for sharing this info. If you’d like to try and get this fixed, you should contact ODOT.

" To report immediate road hazards (such as traffic signal outage or debris in travel lane), you may call 1-888-275-6368 and choose option 1. Dispatch Centers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week."


Thanks Jonathan, I’ll give that a try. I’ve seen the truck on the trail before…If I get some time I’ll use my wisk broom also.
But it’s kind of like raking leaves in November…all year long :smirk:

That’s not terribly far from one of the worst community nuisance. The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative’s worst BottleDrop location where it is said to not enforce the 350 per day limit. So, I’d suspect the shards aren’t necessarily intentional, but fallen beverage bottles on their way on vagrant bicycles to the redemption center.

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Unfortunately I would recommend just avoiding the I-205 trail. :cry:. It’s not really meant for bikes anymore….it’s a linear campsite. I’ve decided to just avoid it personally.


The glass looked mostly cleared out yesterday, going north from Holgate to Gateway. Maybe some kind people or the rain and wind helped out.
97th between Burnside and Glisan is starting to clear out; according to the city it has “been posted for removal.” https://www.portlandoregon.gov/toolkit/article/796498

There was glass along the south underpass at Sandy and a bit in the north underpass. I hadn’t seen that recently before.
And the railroad underpass north of the Sandy/Killingsworth intersection is still a complete mess.

Coming back about 3 hours later heading south I noticed new glass shards on the path south of Division, around where the hill starts.
The nail head is still protruding out of the concrete, off the torn left corner of the large yellow rubber ADA bumpy mat, at the north trail stop sign where the Powell max station is.

Best to just drive out of town for a bike ride anymore. Not as carbon friendly but what else is there to do? City doesn’t seem to care about it’s carbon footprint.

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PDX Remove by Bike (Login • Instagram) has been cleaning on the I-205 trail lately. And gathering a good sized crowd. The next cleanup in Nov 13 along the bike trail near Oaks Bottom in Sellwood!! Come join!


That’s great. I’m just so demoralized by all the trash… I just have given up. I clean it up and it’s back so quickly. I’ve just chosen to avoid the bike paths…too much garbage and too many dangerous folks for my liking. Glad some people have more optimism than me. Kudos!


It is demoralizing, you’re right! Just like so many other things, we spend so much time and energy improving and someone else can destroy it in a day or two. If I start to feel like giving up, I have to at least redirect my energy toward another project or I’ll just become a bump under my blankets with ‘Friends’ on repeat. I hope you can find another awesome project!

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Springwater Trail from se 122nd all the way to Boring is about 10 miles.
Clean trail. Friendly people …

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Yeah once you get out of the People’s Republic of Portland things do improve.

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There are plenty of good clean trails within the City of Roses. Marine Drive/ Mt. Tabor/ Willamette Blvd-Cathedral Park-Outer Industrial Lombard/ Forest Park, and many more

I’ve never understood that slogan; by People’s republic, does that mean Portland is compared to communist China? I don’t see the similarities. More like it’s tossed around because that’s what Lars says ad nauseam?
You mean the city that allowed the real estate powers to manipulate the rental market for their greedy profits, displacing a large percentage of the people that are currently homeless?


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