8th traffic death of 2022 in Portland, Actions you can do today!

A hit and run pedestrian death marked the 8th traffic fatality in January and we still have 8 days to go in the month. :frowning:

Only takes a few minutes to act to help our community.

Call the following offices (you can leave a voicemail) stating you find this unacceptable.
Here is a script you could consider:
Hi, I am __________________ and I live in the ___________neighborhood of Portland (or I frequently visit Portland for work etc). I am appalled by the public health crisis of rampant traffic deaths in Portland. We need to urgently re-invigorate our Vision Zero plan, make pedestrian and cycling safety a priority and re-introduce traffic enforcement to Portland as well as build out a traffic camera system. Thank you for your time.

PBOT Commissioner in Charge Joanne Hardesty 503-823-4151
PBOT director Chris Warner 503-823-1055
PPB Chief Lovell 503-823-0008
PPB Commissioner in Charge Ted Wheeler 503-823-4120
ODOT Director Kris Strickler 1-888-275-6368